Cetaphil Launches Cetaphil Baby, But I'm Definitely Using The New Products On My Adult Face Too

Cetaphil, the drugstore brand that makes one of the most simple, gentle, and effective face washes that I have ever used, is now in the baby product business with Cetaphil Baby. The line has launched with five products, keeping the focus narrowed on baby's key needs and each of which has the singular and critical goal of protecting and nourishing newborn skin. But guess what? The products sound pretty amazing for adults, too. Young moms, rejoice for multi-tasking products.

The products contain zero parabens, which are preservatives, and they are also devoid of mineral oil. Those ingredients are often debated, considered icky, and have been argued as questionable in terms of skincare health. Since they are not included in the particular product recipe, that means one less thing for conscientious parents and skin junkies to worry about.

Since Cetaphil is known for being so, so gentle on adult skin, it really was only a matter of time before the brand shifted into the infant market. Hey, babies really are a booming business. It's just an awesome added bonus that parents, especially mommies, will want to steal some of their baby's products for themselves.

Get too much baby cream on your hands? Don't try and force it back into the bottle; massage into your own arms and hands instead and avoid any waste. That's a win-win!

Check out all the new products:

Cetaphil Baby Wash, $5, Amazon

While the Diaper Cream and the Wash and Shampoo are probably best reserved for precious babes due to the specific problems they address and their formulations, the Ultra Moisturizing Wash, Daily Lotion, and Moisturizing Oil will very likely maneuver their way onto my shelves and shower.

While I am not yet a mom, I am still doing a happy dance since I sort of obsess over baby beauty products and still use Johnson's iconic pink baby lotion and Baby Magic's Cotton Blossom line because they smell deliciously soft and fresh, and my skin is never as soft as when I use them.

Cetaphil Baby Moisturizing Oil, $7, Amazon

The products are available at Cetaphil's site. Buy Buy Baby and Babies R' Us will carry the products in brick and mortar stores in January and March, respectively. Since my friends are all trying to procreate, I am sure I will have a baby shower to shop for this winter and I will stock up on these items at that time.

Images: Cetaphil (3); Giphy (1)