12 Gwen Stefani "Spark The Fire" Emojis The Unicode Consortium Needs To Add Into the Mix — VIDEO

Monday night, the music video for Gwen Stefani’s “Spark The Fire” made it’s e-debut. The video for the high-energy Pharrell-produced track is a frenetic and colorful journey. Donning a cloud-print button down that reminds me of a Limited Too pajama set I cherished as a tween (whenever I wore it, I felt like quite the glamazon!), Stefani shout-sings the verses at a basement dance party. When she's not in the basement, she's hanging out in an alley next to a FIAT (why hello there, product placement!) and draping a fur over her shoulder. When she's not in the basement or in the alley, she's zipping around an animated city. And everywhere she goes, she conjures up approximately 14 million emojis.

But Stefani doesn't conjure up the Unicode Standard emojis iPhone users know and love, mind you. She unleashes one fresh illustration after another. And they are B-A-N-A-N-A-S.

(Quick aside! The following went though my mind while I watched the video for the first time: Perhaps the characters are not emoji, but actually an homage to the now dead Clip Art? Eh, I don't know. The text bubbles throughout give me more of an emoji vibe than a Microsoft Office Clip Art vibe. Never mind. Sorry, Clip Art. Miss you already.)

Here are the emojis from the "Spark The Fire" music video that the Unicode Consortium should add to the current emoji list ASAP:

Heart + Lighter

WHAT IT MEANS: I have heartburn.

Smiling Applauding Hands


Weird bug face

WHAT IT MEANS: I'm a bug-human hybrid.

Cloud girl

WHAT IT MEANS: I traded in my car for a cloud.

Winking Pharrell

WHAT IT MEANS: Maybe I'm kidding, maybe I'm not. I'll never tell.

Mushroom wearing a bow tie

WHAT IT MEANS: Salad dressing. (Ya know, because some people put mushrooms on salad. And this is a dressed up mushroom. Yeah, it's sort of a stretch, but whatever.)

Smiling Venus symbol

WHAT IT MEANS: Happy 'n' proud to be a feminist.

Smiling clam + smiling pearl

WHAT IT MEANS: Pregnant. (Wait, is “I’ve got a pearl in the clam” not a saying?)

Gwen on a cloud

WHAT IT MEANS: Queen of the universe.

Super glue

WHAT IT MEANS: I can fix the problem at hand.

Smiling glasses

WHAT IT MEANS: I'm so much happier now that I have my new eyeglass prescription.

Gwen pursing her lips

WHAT IT MEANS: Don't try my patience, bruh.

Please make it happen, Unicode Consortium, for I need all of the above. Especially the Winking Pharrell emoji.

GwenStefaniVEVO on YouTube

Images: GwenStefaniVEVO/YouTube (12)