Is Nick's New Love Interest on 'New Girl' a Bad Influence? Her Behavior in "Girl Fight" Feels Worrisome

Well, I have to admit, this was not what I was expecting. While the majority of Tuesday night's New Girl episode "Girl Fight" focused on Jess and Cece's passive aggressive behavior (which included a very fascinating emoji-centric text war), it also took the time to allow viewers to get a better handle on Nick's new love interest Kai. And while I originally thought this union would be a good thing (at least temporarily) for our lovable Mr. Miller, I'm now seriously starting to worry that she'll become a bad influence on him.

What makes me say that? Well, for starters, she's just as slovenly as Nick, which as we all know is no easy feat. I mean, I'm all for having a lazy day, but these two spent days and days doing nothing but sitting on a couch. See, in my mind, Kai was supposed to be a stepping stone on the road to Nick and Jess' reconciliation. I wanted to think she'd help him become less of a man child and more of a responsible adult. That's not going to happen when she's the one fully encouraging the laziness.

But to be honest, all of that I could've probably dealt with. Granted, it'd be nice to get a little growth from Nick at some point down the line, but I'll pretty much take any form of Nick Miller I can get. No, what really bothered me was the fact that Kai paid Nick to skip out on work. After asking him how much he would've made that night at the bar, Kai pulls out a wad of hundred dollar bills (because, guess what, she's rich, not homeless like Detective Winston first thought) and paid him that amount with interest. So not only is Kai condoning irresponsible work habits, but she's also kind of treating Nick like property. Like something she can rent out for the night.

Look, maybe I'm being overly sensitive about it. Perhaps this was just a one-time thing to prove how much she enjoyed spending time with him and didn't want it to end just yet. But it's still not exactly healthy behavior. On the one hand, it's always wonderful to see a woman be so financially independent and kudos to her for the sweet digs. (Seriously, I want!) But the thing is, Nick needs to be pushed, not coddled. He's already the biggest procrastinator we know, and this relationship could make things even worse.

And if Jess didn't want to be with the man he was before meeting Kai, I cringe to think of what she'd make of the man he'll become while with her. Proceed with caution, Mr. Miller.

Images: Jennifer Clasen/FOX