Rob Lowe Left 'Parks and Rec' For This?

Regardless of how great Rob Lowe was in Behind the Candelabra as a wax sculpture, the world must still hold him responsible for leaving Parks and Recreation. How dare you deprive us of Chris Traeger, the man who will live forever? Still, fans can see Lowe in the cast of an upcoming comedy called Sex Tape. Unfortunately, he won't be the star of the sex tape, which is either an injustice, or a good idea, considering the actor likely doesn't want to remind anyone of that other sex tape.

Sex Tape will be directed by Jake Kasden, the director of Walk Hard and Bad Teacher. In fact, Sex Tape will star Bad Teacher stars Cameron Diaz and Jason Segel as a couple who wants to shake things up sexually and so they make a sex tape. Which actually sounds like kind of a boring move to make your sex life more exciting, but I suppose Diaz and Segel are pretty vanilla. Lowe has signed on as the role of a CEO of a toy company (yes... a toy company) who somehow winds up getting Segel and Diaz' sex tape, which they furiously attempt to get back from him. I'm not certain, but I'm assuming hijinks ensue.

The one conclusion I can certainly draw from this is that Lowe has no problem taking on a variety of roles. Sex Tape is his next project — meanwhile, his last project that wrapped was Killing Kennedy, in which he plays JFK. If anything, the man is diverse!

Also, it's safe to say that Lowe is totally cool with his very real, very sordid past — it's common knowledge by now (or should be, to other Lowe superfans like myself) that Lowe was a pioneer of celebrity sex tape scandal. In 1989, Lowe made a sex tape with two women after the Democratic National Convention (talk about scandalous) that later became public. To make matters worse, one of the girls was a minor. But any Lowe superfan also knows that Lowe used the controversy as a catalyst to get his life together and make a comeback. So positive! Just like Chris Traeger.

Here's hoping Sex Tape is a good move for Lowe, so I can stop being so hurt by his departure from Parks and Rec.