Did Taylor Swift Get Model Jessica Hart Banned From The Victoria's Secret Runway This Year?

Taylor Swift is probably the queen of the Internet. Yes, OK, there was the whole Kim Kardashian #BreakTheInternet thing, which was impressive... but who's written about, speculated about, and generally obsessed over even more than Kardashian? Definitely Taylor Swift. Hands down. Why? Well, maybe it's because even if you hate her, you still kind of love her. Maybe it's because she's all at once a pop star, semi-actress, model, celebrity, and celebrity-magnet. Maybe it's because she casually hangs out with Karlie Kloss and dates people like Harry Styles. Whatever the case — an Internet without Taylor Swift is not really an Internet at all. And Wednesday, in Taylor Swift Internet-generated rumor #232, people are wondering if Taylor Swift had Jessica Hart banned from the Victoria's Secret Runway in London this season.

As the story goes, Hart wasn't the biggest fan of Swift when she preformed as last year's VS runway extravaganza. Hart was kind and complimentary toward Swift, but said she thought she just "didn't fit" with the show. Haters gone hate, hate, hate, hate...

Alright, so Hart wasn't totally in favor of Swift's performance at the event last year; that's her opinion, and she's entitled to it, of course. But while Swift followed-up last year's runway show performance with another this year, Hart didn't have a spot on the runway at all. And, just like that, the rumors begin to swirl.

After a little journalistic investigating (read: Twitter stalking), it seems that all this nonsense is in fact just a rumor and nothing more. Hart probably wasn't on the runway this year for a much more serious reason; the model was badly burned at an airport last month. Someone accidentally spilled hot coffee on her feet and although that doesn't sound too gruesome, when you see the photos of Hart's burns, you might think differently.

Let's be honest here, guys: Swift can be vicious (if only via song lyrics) and, frankly, even a little scary at time ("Blank Space"? I rest my case), but she's Taylor Swift — the honorary Queen of the Internet. With that comes an inevitable and unbelievable amount of criticism from hundreds of thousands of people. If you're famous, there will always be people who don't like you — and if you're as famous as Swift? Multiply that by a thousand. If Swift took time to respond to every piece of criticism she received, she probably wouldn't be the multi-millionaire/superstar that she is, let alone have time to preform at things like Victoria Secret fashion shows.

So I say good for Hart for speaking her mind (in a respectful way, at that) and good for Taylor Swift for (most likely) not saying or doing anything in response. Swift (and I'm sure Hart) have a substantial handful of famous friends, but not everyone has to get along. At the end of the day, they're just (wildly, unbelievably attractive) people like us, too. I wouldn't be surprised if Hart and Swift are back on the VS runway next year and, hey, the more talented, beautiful, opinionated women, the better, right?

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