10 Best Female Movie Villains of 2014 From 'Maleficent' to 'Gone Girl'

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2014 is reft with excellent performances from actresses both long-honored and just coming out of their shells. Most of these women are honored for their portrayal of "good guys": characters like YA heroines, destitute immigrants, and comediennes just trying to make it big. Yes, there are plenty of noble female characters to celebrate in this past year of cinema, but the bad ones are leagues more fun.

From straight-up post-apocalyptic tyrants to plotting small town psychopaths to the occasional bloodthirsty vampire, 2014 has plenty of nefarious women who have proved more than a joy to watch. For some sick reason, it's a real treat to see these ladies laying waste to their mortal victims, concocting elaborate schemes, or condescending to train cars of oppressed societies with speeches about footwear.

Running through the list of '14 releases, we've amounted a few favorites to call out here. The scariest, cunningest, and all around evilest women in films from the past 12 months... and the ones who make even the most malicious deeds colossally entertaining.

Check out our list of the 10 Best Female Movie Villains of 2014. (But be warned: some of the later entries include major spoilers about their respective films).

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