Proof Taylor Swift Is Going to Take Over the World

Another year, another awards season. Though Hollywood gets to kick everything off with the Golden Globes in January 2015, the music industry soon will follow: The 2015 Grammy Awards are set to air on CBS on Feb. 8, 2015, and, understandably, diehard music fans are already buzzing about who's going to take home some of the night's biggest awards come February. Amongst the first names that come to mind is, of course, Taylor Swift — especially after the release of her most recent album this year, 1989. The girl is, of course, no secret to dominating the industry, but that album literally has gone on to be the one to break a million records, not to mention sell a ton as well. To say she's dominating the music industry is an understatement.

Unfortunately, because of the time that 1989 was released (on Oct. 27 of this year), it just barely missed the Sept. 30 cut-off date for new album releases to qualify for this year's Grammy awards. That doesn't mean we won't be seeing her at the awards at all, though: Her first single off 1989, "Shake It Off," does qualify for a number of categories including Song of the Year, and, considering the massive public response to it, I'm gonna go ahead and predict that it's not going to have any trouble securing a nomination.

With nominations set to be announced on Dec. 5, though, it does lead us to the question: How many Grammys does Taylor Swift already have? I mean, I assumed it was a lot because she's Taylor Swift, but she's also only 24 — could it really be that many?

Turns out yes. Yes it can. I don't think I was prepared to see the actual amount and suddenly feel totally inadequate about my own achievements at nearly 24, but there's at least some comfort in the knowledge that Tay totally deserved these awards.

So, how many are there? Of 19 nominations, Taylor Swift has won a total of 7 Grammy awards:

  • Album of the Year 2010 — Fearless
  • Best Country Album 2010 — Fearless
  • Best Female Country Vocal Performance 2010 — "White Horse"
  • Best Country Song 2010 — "White Horse"
  • Best Country Solo Performance 2012 — "Mean"
  • Best Country Song 2012 — "Mean"
  • Best Song Written for Visual Media 2013 — "Safe & Sound" (feat. The Civil Wars)

In other words, she won her first Grammy when she couldn't even legally drink alcohol in the US. BOOM.

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