Layla & Jeff Hook Up on 'Nashville,' And They're Actually Not a Bad Couple

There has been plenty of speculation on who will end up with who this season, but fans just got thrown a total curveball in Wednesday’s episode of Nashville with the sudden relationship between Layla Grant and Jeff Fordham. We’ve known for a long time that Layla is dissatisfied with the early millennium Jessica Simpson-esque reputation that she has gotten with the public since the release of the reality show she stars in with husband Will Lexington (despite the fact that he is gay and neither of them are romantically interested in each other). And although we were expecting her to do whatever she could to shake off her new reputation, I doubt that any of us were expecting it to turn into a relationship with the man in charge of her record label.

I guess when you think about it, this might not be the worst idea in the world. They're both known from past shenanigans on the show to be ambitious and manipulative, and it might be interesting to see these characters who have acted selfishly before have to deal with the fact that they're dating somebody who is also selfish. If this doesn't fizzle out before it starts, it might be an opportunity for them both to grow up a little bit.

But speaking of growing up, yowza, there sure is an age gap there. Oh, yeah, and the very public marriage between Layla and Will. In my perfect happy universe, Will comes out to an accepting, supportive public and they get an amicable divorce before he finds a boyfriend, and then Layla and Jeff can continue on their merry way doing whatever it is that conniving people do when they get into a room together (so far it seems to be mostly taking off their clothes). But because this is Nashville, something tells me that whatever actually happens, it won't be half as graceful as that.

Image: Mark Levine/ABC