Will Better Watch His Back This Season

Yikes. Yikes. That is my official statement regarding Layla's declaration of hatred for Will on Nashville , in which it became alarmingly clear that their picture-perfect country marriage was not only going downhill, but headed straight for the nearest cliff. OK, I know it was by no means fair for Will to start a life with Layla under false pretenses. But he is also such a sweetie, is seriously struggling with his sexuality, and he really does care about her, even though she can occasionally act like a bonafide crazy person. And when he saw an opportunity for them to both gain awesome notoriety in their careers, of course he took it! He thought he was doing her a favor, in his own Will way.

But it's become very apparent that Will picked the wrong girl to use as a cover. We've known the kind of manipulation Layla is capable of from pretty much day one — homegirl does not mess around. When consulting my crystal ball of Terrible Things I'm Pretty Sure Are About To Go Down, I foresee much sneaky sabotage, revenge sex, and more than likely a very large scandal in which Layla reveals Will's secret to the world. And I don't care how much he's lied to her, she has no right to publicly out Will as gay when he wants to keep that private.

What sucks is that I really am rooting for them both. As flawed and unforgiving as Layla is, you can see her drive and passion to succeed, and you can see that she is also setting herself up for disaster. But in the words of the almighty Dixie Chicks, "If I fall, you're going down with me," and it seems that Layla has every intention of making that her motto.

In the meantime, I'm thinking Will should invest in a bulletproof vest, and a really good place to hide. Because the women on this show have been burned before and we all know from experience that they fight fire with fire.

Images: Mark Levine/ABC, Wifflegif