Is Dandy's Therapist Bloody Face on 'AHS: Freak Show'? Let's Check Out Our Options

Is anyone else's head hurting? Because all of these insane plot twists from AHS: Freak Show's "Blood Bath" episode is giving me a serious case of whiplash. First, Elsa killed Ethel, which was devastating enough. But then Dandy went ahead and killed his own mother, Gloria, after she tried (and failed) to get her son some much-needed redemption in the form of therapy. Speaking of which… did anyone else find it extremely odd that he didn't ever get a look at the therapist's face? Almost as if seeing him would give away some big reveal. Call me crazy, but could this be Ryan Murphy's way of hinting that Dandy's therapist is actually Bloody Face?

I'm losing, right? I've just gone completely insane. But then again… maybe I haven't. I mean, is it so far out of the realm of possibility? We know from Asylum that Bloody Face (aka Dr. Oliver Thredson) spent his days as a psychiatrist to the mentally unstable. So it wouldn't be much of a stretch for him to take on someone like Dandy. In fact, those are exactly the type of patients he would probably love to treat. And by treat, I, of course, mean help mold into full-blown killers.

I'll admit, however, that his voice didn't exactly match that of Zachary Quinto, so there's always a chance that I'm wrong. (It's been known to happen from time to time.) But then why else would Murphy chose to have the character remain faceless? What was the point if not to hide his identity? And considering how we know all AHS seasons are connected, it can't be just a coincidence… right?

Granted, Bloody Face is by far not the only option (though, I'll admit it's the most intriguing). For all we know, this could be a brand new character Murphy plans on introducing more fully over the course of the next few episodes and this is just his way of building us up for it. Or perhaps the therapist is a long-lost relative of Dandy's that he has yet to know about. It would certainly explain why this guy seems so calm with the fact that his patient is exuding such murderous tendencies. He could be trying to protect his family.

Then again, there's always the possibility that Murphy is just messing with us and this character means absolutely nothing. After all, it wouldn't be the first time he's succeeded in messing with our minds, and I highly doubt it'll be the last.

Images: Michele K. Short/FX