Husband Pranks Wife Into Thinking Their Child Is Dead (Spoiler: She Wasn't Into It At All) — VIDEO

Look, enough terrible things already happen in this world that we cannot control, and that's why this video of a man pranking his wife into thinking their child is dead just sickens me to the core. I am aware that this is a strong opinion and it's none of my business what this woman decides to do, but if it were me in her shoes? Instant divorce. You never ever make a joke out of the life of your child. Even letting her think that the kid was dead for the five seconds it took for her to figure out it was a "joke" is unforgivable—those five seconds will probably haunt her for the rest of her life.

The prank is about as idiotic as you can possibly imagine. The kid is wearing a full-bodied superhero suit with a mask, and just as the mother comes up the stairs with the water the husband asked for, he kicks a dummy the exact size and shape of the kid right over the balcony. Like any mother would, she instantly runs down the stairs in a panic I cannot even fathom to find the lifeless dummy, and only after she de-masks it does she realize that it isn't her son.

And the husband laughs. He laughs about her being upset that he tricked her into thinking her kid was dead. "Are you really that mad?" he asks, a common question that total jerks use to make the victims of their lack of sensitivity feel like they're "over-reacting" to situations, when in fact, they have every right to fully lose it. She gets up and kicks him in the nuts and says he's sleeping on the couch and mothers everywhere should be insulted by the incredulous look on his face when this happens.

Honestly, I would have done way worse.

Image: Daily Mail