Ben Carson Says Women's Liberation Is Behind Police Shootings, Because Let's Just Blame Feminists for Everything

Have you ever listened to the words spewing forth from someone who is theoretically in control of their faculties and been so baffled that you think surely, they've got to be joking, or maybe staging some sort of elaborate performance art? These are the only explanations I can come up with for conservative commentator Ben Carson blaming feminism for police shootings. Otherwise, I'd have to accept that someone is so deeply misogynistic as to blame women for the actions of an overwhelmingly male police force, and I'd really rather not ruin my own day like that.Unfortunately for all of us, it looks like Carson wasn't joking or trying to connect with his inner artist. The accomplished neurosurgeon often appears on Fox News as a commentator, but this week he was a guest on the "Today's Issues" segment of American Family Radio, the Huffington Post reports. While discussing the recent shootings of unarmed black men as well as police brutality in general, Carson took it upon himself to educate listeners about why black men make up a disproportionately huge percentage of those killed by police. Did he talk about the institutionalized racism that faces people of color every day, or the need for more accountability in the police force? This is a Fox News regular we're talking about. Of course not!

Surprise! Police shootings are actually all because of vaginas. First, he took on those pesky single moms, claiming that fatherless households don't give young black men the opportunity to learn about authority.

"Usually the father figure is where you learn how to respond to authority. So now you become a teenager, you’re out there, you really have no idea how to respond to authority, you eventually run into the police or you run into somebody else in the neighborhood who also doesn’t know how to respond but is badder than you are, and you get killed or you end up in the penal system."

Everyone knows that only men are capable of being authority figures. A woman being the disciplinarian of the family? Heavens, no, she wouldn't be able to put aside her emotions long enough to punish anyone, or she might get distracted by a passing baby. Ladies, amiright? By the way, can someone please explain how this man genuinely believes that children go through life without ever encountering an authority figure other than their father?Carson didn't stop there, either. Single moms may herald the death of the American family, but it's feminism that's the real threat here. You see, gender equality makes women dare to think they can want lives outside of taking care of children. As in, they want to defined as people, not by their possession of a uterus.

Still confused about what that has to do with police shooting down 12 year olds? I'll let Carson explain it to you in his own words.

I think a lot of it really got started in the '60s with the "me" generation. "What’s in it for me?" I hate to say it, but a lot of it had to do with the women’s lib movement. You know, "I’ve been taking care of my family, I’ve been doing that, what about me?" You know, it really should be about us.

There you have it, guys. If it weren't for those selfish feminists and their "equal rights," police shootings would be gone for good. By the way, just to add to Carson's credibility, he compared the U.S. to Nazi Germany back in February and continues to stand by it despite all the opportunities to backpedal on the subject. And he's thinking of running for President in 2016. Yippee!

Image: Badscience/Tumblr, Giphy