French Montana's Music Video Is Kind of Scary

by Nicole Pomarico

Is it just me, or do the producers behind all things Kardashian seem not to realize that this season of Kourtney and Khloe Take the Hamptons is kind of becoming Scott Disick and French Montana Take The Hamptons? I'm all good with Scott, because he's amazing, but as far as French goes, he and I don't know each other too well just yet. And after seeing his latest music video, I am just slightly terrified of him. In this week's new episode, Khloe will be on set while the video is being filmed — and Scott will not, despite making a promise to be there, which is where the drama comes in — so I did a little investigating. And now that I've seen the video for French Montana's "Don't Panic," I will need to watch Disney movies for the rest of the day so as to avoid having nightmares.

Because despite the fact that the words "don't panic" are, in fact, more than half of the actual lyrics of the song, the visuals that the music video provides are actually making me want to do the opposite. Khloe's in the video, too, but you can't see her, because she's wearing a horrifying mask that personifies every unknown creature I thought lived under my bed as a kid.

If you're brave enough to watch the vid above, you'll notice a few more familiar (unmasked) faces — an actress in a car who looks a lot like Kim, and the girl in the beginning of the video who is tied up and looks a lot like Khloe's BFF, Malika. According to what sources have told Hollywood Life, those lookalikes aren't a coincidence, and they're in the video at Khloe's request.

"A bunch of models showed up to be in the video, but Khloe wasn't having it. She insisted that only two girls appear in the video aside from herself. She kept insisting to the director that one girl resemble her sisters Kim or Kourtney, and one must resemble her best friend Malika. She got nearly perfect matches of the girls. I'm telling you this girl looked exactly like Malika and the other looked exactly like Kim," the source said.

And as far as Scott not making an appearance? Maybe he wasn't busy. Maybe he just caught a glimpse of those masks and said, "Oh, hell no. I am not doing this" and made up an excuse. And you know what? I totally wouldn't blame him.