Man Slaps Indian Model for Wearing a Too-Short Dress and Proves Yet Again Why Shaming Needs to Stop

We are all probably guilty of judging someone for what they choose to wear. Each week, a list of celebrities and their fashion blunders are compiled into a slideshow, displaying what not to wear. In our daily lives, we might turn up our noses at someone who wears shorts in the snow, sandals with socks or fanny packs. Regardless of our fragment of ill character during these times, we would never think to hit someone for a fashion statement we don't necessarily agree with. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for a man who slapped an Indian model during the recording of a television show this week.

Gauhar Khan, a model, reality TV star, and actress, was reportedly presenting at a singing competition called India's Raw Talent, when Akil Malik ascended to the stage and slapped her. According to Cosmopolitan, Khan was already being escorted out of the building by security (for reasons unknown) before he broke free to assault Khan. After being taken into custody, Malik told police that he slapped her because "being a Muslim woman, she should not have worn such a short dress." In a rather blurry video, a group of people push Khan back as Malik's hand flies in the air after slapping her. Khan grabs her face and appears to be crying. Reports say that she was so devastated that she took one hour to "compose herself before returning to the stage."

With several forms of shaming continuing to be a hot-button issue, the extremity of this incident shows just how much ideas and messages of women need to be turned over and rewritten. Most recently, Malia and Sasha Obama were shamed by a GOP staffer, who said that the First Daughters should dress like they "deserve respect, and not a spot at a bar." Renee Zellweger received a lot of flak after revealing her new look on the red carpet. And Taylor Swift has fallen victim to body-shaming concerning her thin frame. The list, of course, goes on and on. The result, however, is always discrimination and prejudices of differing body types, and how it all just needs to stop.

Images: Getty Images (1); India News/YouTube (1)