Kendall and Kylie Jenner Launch First-Ever Holiday Party Collection with PacSun — For a Holly, Jolly, Skater Skirt and Sequin Vest Type of Christmas

Kendall and Kylie Jenner are making headlines again, but this time it isn't for the continued Kendall/Cara BFF watch or the littlest Jenner's newest hair color. The sisters' first-ever holiday collection launched at PacSun yesterday and it is notably edgier than past collaborations the duo has developed. The campaign alone, which is basically high-fashion for the generally easy going, immediately catches your attention — making you wonder if Kendall's massive modeling career isn't influencing everything she touches. Or maybe the Jenner girls are simply taking the next step in their style evolution. Ahhh, the circle of fashion life. One thing's certain: fans of the California-inspired surf lifestyle brand won't be disappointed.

Regardless of how they landed on the aesthetic of the "it girl winter wardrobe," the collection as a whole has been met with rave reviews and is pretty wearable. While there are definitely a few items that only Kendall and Kylie could pull off in the celebrity world (enter high-rise, burnout velvet flare pants) there is great potential for holiday party perfection. Sequins, fringe, velvet — what more could a girl ask for?!

Whether you want to admit it or not, everyone identifies with at least one member of the Kardashian-Jenner clan (I fully commit to Kendall as my spirit animal). So, when it comes to comparing yourself to the youngest of the bunch, are you a Kendall or a Kylie? Once you decide on your style sister, you can easily shop the collection by sorting through all of the duo's favorites online at PacSun. Fear not, though. I put a neutral hat on to share my votes for the best of the best if you're hoping for an edgy, boho holiday, styled by either Jenner sister.


1: Beaded Open Cardigan, $80,

2: Velvet Cropped Jogger Pants, $50,

3: Floral Bell-Sleeve Cut-Out Dress, $40,

4: Burnout Velvet Kimono, $50,


1: Beaded Low-Back Dress, $100,

2: Maxi Hooded Cardigan Sweater, $65,

3: Fringe Dress, $50,

Also, the girls are scary-pretty, goth-glam (which I believe is the definition of fierce) in the campaign.

If you're totally into having a holly, jolly Kendall and Kylie holiday, go get your shop on. The holiday party collection is well on it's way to being sold out a mere 24 hours after its launch. Evidence to the fact that all things "K" continue towards world domination.

Images: Courtesy PacSun; Twitter