What It's Like Being a Woman On YouTube

by Emma Cueto

Anyone who's been paying attention this past year knows that harassment of women online is a major problem, one we're nowhere near solving yet. Here to provide even more insight into the problem, is a Buzzfeed video of female YouTubers talking about their experience being women on YouTube. Spoiler alert: it involves dealing with a lot of sexism.

It's been about a year since science reporter and YouTuber Emily Graslie released a video talking about the sexist comments she often gets on her channel, and since then, it doesn't seem like much has changed. In fact, if 2014 has shown us anything, it's just how big a problem gender-based harassment is online.

Research has found that women face much higher rates of online harassment than our male counterparts, and we've seen plenty of examples this year to make that seem more than plausible — everything from the feminist website Jezebel being trolled with violent images in their comment section to women being doxxed and driven from their homes during the tide of badly disguised misogyny known as #GamerGate.

There are some signs that things might be getting better — for instance Twitter has now introduced a new form to report harassment on their site in hopes of tackling their big harassment problem. But for now, it doesn't seem like sexism online is going anywhere.