'How I Met Your Mother' Crew Meets the Mother

Monday, Sept. 26 will usher in How I Met Your Mother's ninth year on the air, but its first Mother-tastic one. We know who the Mother is, and we've reveled in her encounter with Lily and the yellow umbrella of it all, but there's still a lot to learn about this story. Cristin Milioti (the Mother herself) sat down with co-star/future fictional husband Josh Radnor, and the two discussed the tricky dynamics of introducing such a crucial character.

"There was always this question of 'when will we meet this gal?'" Radnor says of the long-standing mystery behind his character's future wife in this newly released YouTube clip, below. "Will it be the last moment of the series, he turns and there she is? Will we never see her? And I thought it was really smart to introduce her at the end of last season, and now it seems they're threading her through [the current] season."

Milioti and Radnor go on to discuss the mother's personality — Milioti describes her as a lovable history, music, and literature nerd, "very funny [and] hopelessly awkward, a kind of female version of Ted." They also discuss their very first on-screen kiss, which was scheduled to be shot the days their interviews for this featurette was filmed.

Perhaps most moving to long-time fans of the show, the clip features the moment in which Milioti was first introduced to the crew at large — a long time coming, and, from their response, a pretty memorable moment.