Would You Shop in Your Underwear for Free Clothes? These Customers Did.

Everyone is getting naked these days. Seth Rogan and James Franco took to SNL this weekend to release some spoofed nude leaks, which included a rather risqué photo of them sitting on Santa's lap. Everyone is sitting on edge, anticipating the revealing numbers that will be revealed at the Victoria's Secret show, which premieres on Tuesday night (though the meme of Ariana Grande getting swatted by an angel wing is keeping us entertained as we anxiously wait). And, of course, there's Kim Kardashian. Despite the celebrity antics, customers at a Chinese mall decided to strip down to their undies for a chance to shop for free !

If you thought you didn't read it right the first time, that said free. According to Complex, customers took to a mall in Wuhan City in China, which launched a special promotional sale that invited the first 200 customers to enter stores in their underwear and walk out with the items of their choice. There was no catch, no contest to enter, no bargains with the devil, just clothes for a whopping price of free.99.

Oddly, the news is just now surfacing on the World Wide Web, but the shopping day happened in November during China's Singles' Day. Although its fashioned much like America's Singles' Awareness Day, a humorous holiday celebrated the day after Valentine's Day, Singles' Day runs more like Black Friday than a day to dress up with your friends and repeat the steps to "Single Ladies." According to Business Week, China retailers drop their prices and promote fun and quirky deals on Singles' Day to encourage singles to treat themselves to something nice.

This isn't the only time shoppers have been known to do something a tad bit strange for something free. Desigual once invited its first 100 customers to come in undressed and walk out dressed in 2011. And there was that time in 2013 that Alexander Wang really thought that an undisclosed free-for-all shopping event was really good idea. Luckily, the video released of the shopping event in China seems rather calm, and thankfully looked nothing like this:


Images: CCTVNews/YouTube (1); Giphy (1)