Now's The Best Time To Buy Clothes, Plus 9 Other Items That Are Cheaper in December

Even if your holiday shopping is already done, (and really, who are you, if that's the case?) that doesn’t mean you have to close up your wallet and wait until January before you buy anything else. December, in case you were unaware, is actually chockfull of deals and discounts for lots of items that you might not expect. Sure, everyone knows about Black Friday — but did you know, for example, that December 26 is the absolute best day to by clothing?

In case your dad has managed not to tell you by now, each month of the year is a great time to buy specific items. For example, did you know that November is the best month to buy horses, and that June is the best month to buy a gym membership? Well, now you do! Once you figure out the ideal times to buy those must-have goodies, you’re one step closer to being that money savvy person you always assumed you could never be.

You still have plenty of time to get your hands on the things that are cheaper this month than any other time of the year. Just think — by January, it will be time to buy suits and carpeting, so you'd better stock up on these essentials now.


It's not that December, per se, is the best month to buy clothes — although you will find a lot of pre-holiday sales — but according to the Consumer Price Index, the absolute best day of the year to buy clothes is December 26. It's on this day that you'll not only get the best deals, but the best selection. Your family will understand why you need to head out to the mall, right?

Premium Airfare to Europe

Usually, it's the business people who suck up all the business class and first class airfares to Europe, but the holidays keep them at home. That means that if you've been wanting to see what it's like to fly first class to a European country, now's your chance. Granted, these tickets won't be cheap, but they will be cheaper than usual.


Because new TVs come out in early fall, retailers wan to get those old ones off their shelf to make room for the new merchandise. According to Consumer Reports, this is also the time of the year where retailers are willing to match the prices of their competition, so don't be afraid to haggle.

Apartment Leases

Let's be honest: No one in their right mind want to spend a negative 10-degree day moving their stuff from one place to another. So, for those of you who couldn't think of any better way to spend a snowstorm, this one plays in your favor. Now's the time to move.

Small Electronics

From MP3 to Blu-ray players, and all the little electronics in between, this is your month to load up on these bad boys. Again, this can be attributed to the fact that newer versions of the same products came out earlier in the fall. So if you're not the type of person who must have the absolute brand new version of everything, then now's your time to buy last year's model — for cheap.

NFL Tickets

By late December, you'll certainly be able to tell who's probably going to the Superbowl and who will be home watching it on their TV. Since that's the case, NFL tickets prices drop in December, because the demand simply isn't the same as earlier in the season. (Obviously, this doesn't go for the Superbowl itself.)


As we all know, New Year's Eve is a big deal for Champagne suppliers. And since that's the case, competition between the producers starts to get fizzy at this time of year. You'll easily be able to get your hands on an affordable-but-fancy bottle of bubbly and stock up for New Year's, too.


Whether you're in the market for a toaster or a new washing machine, December is your month to make those purchases. Between the holidays — and retailers just wanting to get old merchandise off their shelves and into your home — this is the ideal time to shop for these items. After Christmas, according to Consumer Reports, the prices will drop even more, but if you're picky about what you're looking for, you might be out of the luck, because your choices will be very limited then.


Your biking might be on pause until late March or early April, but that doesn't mean you can't think about all fun you're going to have in the spring when you can ride again. December (and January, too) are great months for either investing in a new bike, or purchasing the necessary components to update the bike you already have.

Air Conditioners

It's when it's cold outside that prices for air conditioners are at their best. You may not want to think about the sweltering heat of July just yet, but if you purchase your AC now, when July does roll around, you won't have to think about the sweltering heat then either. (Just think of it like that time when you actually had the foresight to buy a winter jacket on sale in May.)

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