When Does 'Supernatural' Return from Hiatus?

It's that time of year when our TV shows disappear and don't return until the following year. Boo to you midseason finales! That, unfortunately, also goes the adored Winchester brothers. Fans will have to get their fill of Sam and Dean with Tuesday's Supernatural midseason finale, "The Things We Left Behind." So, when will Supernatural return after undoubtedly leaving us crushed? The Futon Critic projects Jan. 20, 2015 as the series' winter premiere, though The CW has not made an announcement yet.

What?! You're telling me that we'll likely have to wait until almost the end of January to see if Dean returns to the dark side, what happens between Crowley and his witch mother Rowena, and how Castiel deals with Jimmy Novak's daughter during that much anticipated midseason finale? Nope, I don't like that one bit. What will be the aftermath of Episode 9 of Season 10? That remains to be seen, but that doesn't mean we can't speculate about what might happen.

So, with that said, let's have some fun. Let's take Supernatural into our own hands and try to figure out what will go down during the midseason finale. Will Demon Dean come back? What will Rowena and Crowley's reunion bring? What about Jimmy's daughter Claire? Here are six items that just might occur in the winter finale. Who's ready to take bets on if any of my ideas are correct?

Demon Demon Will Come Back... Hopefully

Anyone else ready to see Dean embrace the dark side, once again? Since Season 9's ending, fans were promised a darker Dean, and, frankly, Demon Dean was gone much too soon. However, that doesn't mean the Mark of Cain won't bring us a murderous Dean, especially based on Supernatural 's midseason finale promo. There's also the possibility that the Mark will even resurrect Deanmon. Here's hoping!

Rowena & Crowley Will Join Forces

Now that Crowley's mother is back in the picture, can you imagine the glorious partnership of these two evil villains? It sounds pretty amazing. Everyone would absolutely fear the King of Hell and a natural born witch ruling the underworld.

Castiel's Daddy Role Will Be Troublesome

This is pretty much a given, but during the midseason finale, we'll once again see Castiel come face to face with Jimmy Novak's (his vessel) daughter, Claire, who is now living in a group home. She convinces Cas to break her out, but then runs away. Talk about a troubled teen. Now, I don't know about you, but I'm left wondering just why Claire is in a group home?

The Mark of Cain Causes a Bloody Mess

Per the promo, and as mentioned earlier, that pesky Mark of Cain looks to return to full force. Not only do we see Dean covered in blood and dead bodies surrounding him, but he also pleads with Castiel to end his life if he happens to take a visit to the dark side. Now, the massacre could easily be a hallucination, dream, or nightmare, but we'll have to tune in to find out.

Crowley Axes Mommy Dearest

We all know how hasty Crowley can be, so he better not kill Rowena too soon, especially before learning about his family history. What exactly happened between Rowena and Crowley? Are there any dirty secrets Crowley's hiding? He's remained quite the mystery, so Rowena will probably have answers. However, knowing Crowley, he'll kill her if she gets in his way and becomes too much of a problem.

Castiel Embraces His Human Side

Now that Castiel watched Hannah give up her grace and release herself from Caroline's body selflessly, he just might do the same. He seems to be giving life (as an angel and a human) some thought, so this could be Cas' next route. However, I think it's much too late for Jimmy to go back to his family. So much time has passed, not to mention that last reunion. It was bloody, demonic, and probably traumatizing for Claire and Amelia.

Who else is already eager for Supernatural to return from its winter hiatus?

Images: Liane Hentscher/The CW; dorkmisha, mooseleys, castielstiel, welovehaehyuk, appletopps, demonprotection/Tumblr