App Lets You And Aaron Paul Call People "B*tch"

by Rebecca Jane Stokes

Aaron Paul is back, yo! I mean, to be clear, he didn't actually go anywhere. Aaron Paul is all over the place since Breaking Bad ended (still not over it; will never be over it) what with the movie-making, and the photo-bombing, and the tweeting at Britney Spears. it's not like the world is mourning Aaron Paul's absence. That said, fans of his late, great TV show (like yours truly) are definitely still mourning the loss of Jesse Pinkman from our daily lives. I honor his memory by quietly and affectionately calling everyone I know "bitch." "It's time for your bottle, bitch," I coo to my 5-month-old godson while babysitting (his parents love it, I assure you). Thus, through a catchphrase is Pinkman's memory kept alive. I mean, I guess it's a bit of a stretch to call repeatedly saying the word "bitch" in a drama a catchphrase, but let's go with it. Aaron Paul himself knows firsthand the power of his bitch-delivery. Apparently people won't stop asking him to curse at them. To prevent straining his vocal chords, he's teamed up with a tech company to make an app called YB which stands for "Yo, Bitch", and its sole purpose is to call people "bitch".

I approve of this wholeheartedly. The app costs $0.99 and functions just like the app "Yo": You can simply swipe to send friends a quick "bitch"-laden message from a selection of pre-recorded options. If you shell out a little bit more, you can enlist Pinkman to propose to your partner for you...bitch! You know that's about as fucking romantic as it gets.

It's gotta be slightly wearying to be known for saying one thing on TV, although Aaron Paul really seems to have embraced it. How old do you think Henry Winkler was before people stop commanding him to say "Aaayyyyyy" and/or to jump over sharks while water-skiing or to hip-bump a jukebox into playing a tune free of charge? Although I'm betting that if Happy Days was enjoying popularity in 2014, there's totally would be an app capitalizing on the Fonz's coolness.

Image: Getty Images; Giphy (1)