10 Jane Austen Gifts For the Completely Obsessed Austen Fan

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You have at least one on your gift list — I know you do. I’m talking about that dear friend or relation of yours who is totally, madly, everlastingly in love with All Things Jane. She has read all six Jane Austen novels, and possibly has multiple editions of each. She’s seen (and no doubt owns) all the best film and mini-series adaptations of Austen’s works, and has watched her favorite version of Pride and Prejudice so many times she’s lost count. She could be any age from 14 to 104. Simply mentioning the name “Darcy” can send her into raptures.

What do you get the obsessed Jane Austen fan this holiday season? Consider one of these 10 gift ideas, all of which are moderately priced to fit within your budget. There are practical things that she can sip from or carry her books in, critically-acclaimed novels, beautiful non-fiction books, and a few other items just for fun. Any one of these gifts is sure to make the Janeite you love shriek with happiness and delight.

Image: Miramax Films

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