10 Jane Austen Gifts For the Completely Obsessed Austen Fan


You have at least one on your gift list — I know you do. I’m talking about that dear friend or relation of yours who is totally, madly, everlastingly in love with All Things Jane. She has read all six Jane Austen novels, and possibly has multiple editions of each. She’s seen (and no doubt owns) all the best film and mini-series adaptations of Austen’s works, and has watched her favorite version of Pride and Prejudice so many times she’s lost count. She could be any age from 14 to 104. Simply mentioning the name “Darcy” can send her into raptures.

What do you get the obsessed Jane Austen fan this holiday season? Consider one of these 10 gift ideas, all of which are moderately priced to fit within your budget. There are practical things that she can sip from or carry her books in, critically-acclaimed novels, beautiful non-fiction books, and a few other items just for fun. Any one of these gifts is sure to make the Janeite you love shriek with happiness and delight.

Image: Miramax Films

Jane Austen christmas ornament

Bring festive cheer to your Janeite’s Christmas tree with this adorable, handmade Jane Austen ornament.

Jane Austen Christmas Ornament, £7.49 ($11.77), janeaustengiftshop.co.uk

Jane Austen novel

Inspired by true events, this is the tale of a young, vivacious Jane Austen and her first romance with the dashing, unforgettable Edward Taylor during the summer of 1791. “A fresh and engaging new story, which is a real feast for any Austen fan. This book can’t be missing on your Austenesque shelf.” —My Jane Austen Book Club (And, OK, yes, this is my book. But it’s super-good. I promise.)

Jane Austen’s First Love by Syrie James, $12.18, amazon.com

Jane Austen tote bag

Your Austen fan will be delighted with this sturdy, machine-washable canvas bag, which reveals her undying love for Mr. Darcy while serving as a handy tote to carry her books, groceries, and other what nots.

I Love Mr. Darcy Tote Bag, $12.99, amazon.com

Jane Austen's collection book

No Janeite’s library is complete without this beautifully designed, expertly crafted book that covers Jane Austen’s life, her published and unpublished works, history in context to her life and writing, and a section about her legacy. Includes facsimile copies of her letters and manuscripts.

Jane Austen: Her Life, Her Times, Her Novels by Janet Todd, $25.27, amazon.com

Jane Austen temporary tattoos

Allow your Jane Austen addict to scandalize her book club with these fun, temporary tattoos! In Austen’s day, only brigands and sailors had tattoos, but today even the highly cultured decorate themselves with ink (at least impermanently).

Jane Austen Tattoos, $6.98, amazon.com

Jane Austen historical homes book

Your Austen enthusiast will enjoy stepping back in time as she tours the homes and settings of Jane Austen, complete with 144 pages of gorgeous photography and illustrations.

At Home with Jane Austen by Kim Wilson, $22.64, amazon.com

Jane Austen action figure

This vinyl figurine of Jane in pink is the perfect adornment for every Austen’s devotee’s desk, no matter what their sensibility or prejudices might be.

Jane Austen Action Figure, $11.06, amazon.com

Jane Austen Christmas mystery

The latest in the popular Being A Jane Austen Mystery series, this engaging novel has Jane solving a murder at an ancestral home over Christmas 1814. “Sings with not just a good plot but courtly language and an engaging group of characters worthy of the famed novelist herself…a first-rate mystery.”—The Denver Post

Jane and the Twelve Days of Christmas by Stephanie Barron, $18.63, amazon.com

Jane Austen mug

With every sip, she can dream about living with Mr. Darcy at Pemberley. Need we say more?

I’d Rather Be At Pemberley 11oz. Coffee Mug, $17.99, amazon.com

Jane Austen covers book

Treat your Austen aficionado to this history of Jane Austen’s book covers through the years. Its striking graphics and occasionally snarky commentary are certain to bring a smile to her face

Jane Austen Cover to Cover by Margaret Sullivan, $18.70, amazon.com