15 Reasons to Feel Good on a Wednesday, According to Reddit

Pop quiz: What’s your favorite day of the week? It probably isn’t today — but you know what? There are actually plenty of reasons to feel good on a Wednesday. Reddit knows it, so let’s take a leaf out of their collective book, shall we? In a post this morning in (where else?) the AskReddit sub, Redditor PhoneJazz asked everyone why they’re feeling good this Wednesday. S/he even provided some musical accompaniment (which, of course, prompted many South Park jokes) to enhance the thread experience. So tell us, world: Why are you feeling good today?

I’ll be honest: I kind of hate the whole “happy hump day!” thing. I think it’s kind of effed up that we live in a society where so many people hate their jobs — which we probably spend most of our waking hours doing — so much that the only way to get through the week is by thinking of Wednesday as “almost-the-weekend.” So here — let’s celebrate. Whether it’s the little things or the not-so-little things, and whether it’s a Wednesday or any other day of the week, there’s always something to feel good about. Check out some of Reddit’s answers below. What’s yours?

1. You’re Retiring in Two Days

Most people probably aren’t going to be in this boat, but if you are, congratulations! That’s awesome!

2. You Stepped Out of Your Comfort Zone

Good for you! That’s definitely something to be proud of.

3. You’re Moving to Your Own Place

All that other stuff sounds pretty terrific, too, but there’s nothing quite like finally getting a place of your own.

4. You’re Seeing Your Best Friend Soon

That was me during one week in July this year. I didn’t travel quite that far, but it had been about five years since I had seen one of my best friends, so it was a) long over-due, and b) a magnificent visit. Enjoy it, HoboChique!

5. It’s Your Friday

Also, it’s vacation. Hoorah!

6. It’s Your Birthday

Happy birthday, iBleedorange!

7. You’re Getting Your Braces Off

When you have braces, it seems like they're going to be there forever. Getting them off, therefore, is definitely cause for celebration.

8. One of Your BFFs Shared Some Huge News with You

To which I can say only this:

9. You’re Spending Time with Your Favorite People Later On

Sounds like the perfect evening to me!

10. Something Unexpectedly Awesome Happened

Muffins are the best. Especially when they’re free.

11. You Exceeded Expectations

Hope the business goes smoothly, -squire!

12. You’ve Achieved a Personal Goal

You’re getting into shape and you finished your Christmas shopping? Man, you’re sitting pretty, tah4349. Good job!

13. You’re in Love

And it’s reciprocated, too!

14. Someone Did Something Nice for You

Are you listening, Mr. Pink?

15. Because the World is Occasionally Beautiful


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