Taylor Swift Wore A Paddington Bear Outfit, But Which Other Celebs Have Pulled Off The Book Character Look?

Yep, Taylor Swift just became even more adorable. Just in case you didn’t want to be friends with her already, Taylor Swift compared her outfit to Paddington Bear in an Instagram. It’s one thing for all of us to make the comparison to the British bear, but for T. Swift to put herself side-by-side next to him and claim him as her outfit dopplegänger? And admit that he wore the outfit better? GOLD. Pure gold.

I mean, she is dressed like him in that photo. There's no question there. Come ON, just look at that yellow pea coat and red hat. T. Swift did just make a stop in London to perform at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. Maybe she got inspiration from the bear after performing "Blank Space" with the angels. Coincidence? I think not.

But, T. Swift isn’t the only one. Whether they realize it or not, there are a few other celebs who have dressed up like our favorite childhood book characters — and not just on Halloween. What with Into The Woods, Cinderella, and Once Upon A Time, storybook characters are kind of having a moment in entertainment, and that's clearly translating into the celebrity fashion world.

Here are six other comparisons I can’t help but make. You’ll never look at your old pile of books the same way.

1. Kate Middleton as Samantha Parkington

So, this one's been thrown around for awhile now, but Kate Middleton IS the IRL version of Samantha. The class? The hair? The wardrobe? Nailed it.

2. Lady Gaga as Little Red Riding Hood

Yep, this one was probably done on purpose. If not, Gaga knows how to hit the nail on the head without really trying. All she's missing is a basket and wolf.

3. Ariana Grande as Felix the Cat

Felix technically isn't a book, but it's still pretty uncanny. After all, how many time have we seen Ari rock all black with cat ears?

4. Pharrell as Curious George's Owner

He's been known to wear a fedora (or twenty) over the past year. But that yellow? That yellow jacket? Can't unsee.

5. Nicki Minaj as Thing 1 & 2

She deserves her own Dr. Seuss book by now.

6. Zooey Deschanel as Madeline

The French girl rocked a Peter Pan collar before Zooey made it cool.

Images: Getty (5); @taylorswift/Instagram; steffany, Joe Shlabotnik, Sofi, Loren Javier, Sheffield Tiger/Flickr; FOX