These Police Are Giving Gifts Instead of Tickets

With all the horrible news surrounding police brutality lately, this video of police in Lowell, Michigan giving gifts instead of tickets at a traffic stop couldn't have come at a better time to remind us that some police officers still have the public's best interests at heart. And sometimes, that interest includes helping minor traffic violators get their holiday shopping done.Earlier this week, the Lowell Police Department partnered with UP TV to produce the video for their #UpliftSomeone challenge, Mashable reports. Police held a traffic stop in town, but instead of just asking for license and registration, officers did a little deeper investigating. Under the guise of small talk, they asked people about their plans for presents this holiday season while secretly relaying their answers via radio to a team of shoppers. As the police stalled for time, the shoppers ran around buying the items, no matter how big or small, and quickly gave them to the officers, who in turn presented the gifts to the drivers.Some gifts were as simple as a Home Depot gift card or a pair of shoes, but others included an electric scooter or an Xbox One. The drivers were astonished, to say the least, with one woman exclaiming, "Can I have that? You are my best friend!" in response to her present. "This just turned my bad day into a good one," said another driver.Feel like turning your bad day into a good one too? Watch the heartwarming video below: