The Most Feminist "All About That Bass" Parody Yet

One wouldn't think that there's a parody of "All About That Bass" that could out-feminist the original. But the "Bitch in Business" parody by a group of Columbia Business School students might give the light-hearted Meghan Trainor version a run for its money. Fortunately, though, we don't have to choose — let there be body confidence and business confidence for all!

The video opens with a business woman reading evaluations that say things like, "People find your tone a little off-putting, you should try to be warmer and more nurturing” and “C'mon sweetheart, put a smile on that face!” Because those are definitely things people say about their male bosses. And then, at last, it comes, inevitably: the dreaded B-word. But rather than let it or any of the rest of the sexist crap bother her, the woman just raises an eyebrow and launches into song.

It's well established that women in business face all kinds of obstacles, from a wage gap that exists all the way up the corporate ladder all the way down to gender double-standards. This despite the fact that study after study after study has shown that companies with women in positions of power actually have an advantage over companies dominated by dudes.

So in light of all that, it's great to see a group of business school ladies declaring themselves to be over the sexist crap — and to see them lighting a stack of paper literally titled "Bullshit Contract for Women" on fire. The video is full of lots of little touches that are brilliant, and it's as sure to get stuck in your head as the original. (Though it should be noted in light of a few references to genitalia that all women — regardless of biological sex — deserve to succeed in business if they so wish).

So here's to the women of the business world for being awesome — and for introducing the phrase "stay-at-home f*cktoy" into my lexicon. That is going to come in handy someday, I can already tell.