16 Unique Hanukkah Recipes That Are Kosher, Unexpected, and So Delicious

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Every holiday season, no matter what you celebrate, we are all united by the one overarching meaning of the holidays: eating as much food as we possibly can. I mean, also cherishing your family and being thankful for all that you have in life...but mostly food. If you celebrate Hanukkah, or have ever been invited into Jewish friends' shindigs, you know that Hanukkah is holiday of magical food and awesome desserts.

When it comes to cooking for the holidays, my friends have always been really big on tradition, too. Everybody makes the same dishes every year because they are automatic crowd pleasers, and there is some comfort in familiarity. But while you can still enjoy kosher Hanukkah dishes you know and love, there is certainly plenty of room to mix things up this year by bringing a dish to the party that nobody else has. Now, it would take too long to research that yourself (Hanukkah is NEXT WEEK, SURPRISE!), so we've collected some snazzy ideas for kosher recipes that we can almost guarantee nobody else will bring to the family potluck dinner.

Image: rooey/Flickr

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