Rumi Neely's Clothing Line Is Here

by Erin Mayer

Fashion blogs might be on their way out, but this is officially the era of the blogger-turned-designer. Rumi Neely of Fashiontoast designed her own line of clothing and the super chic, minimalist offerings are finally available for purchase on Friday, December 21th. Fans of her singular personal style will definitely want in on this collection.

The 31-year-old started her blog six years ago and quickly became one of the biggest names in personal style. Known for her paired down, minimalist aesthetic, Neely's look has always seemed more relatable than the piled-on designer vibe so many other bloggers shoot for. Her fashion label, Are You Am I, makes that minimalist aesthetic even more accessible with easy-going pieces that are hyper-wearable.

Neely explained the philosophy behind the line to Racked, saying:

Having my own line was a complete fantasy of mine and this year everything just aligned to the point that it was actually possible to begin that journey. I have such specific things I want and mostly don't find when I'm looking for new pieces that when it came to designing the exact white T-shirt or leather skirt or triangle bra it was basically a no-brainer. The idea behind it is that I'm creating my ideal wardrobe of really special pieces that can be worn into the ground. Morning, day, night, and even to bed.

The resulting collection is entirely black and white, featuring basic tee shirts, silk shorts and tanks decorated with tiny buttons, slipdresses, the perfect triangle bra, and a leather skirt. Prices range from $90 for a tank with ultra-big armholes to $380 for the lambskin leather mini.

Are You Am I is currently available online, although if you're a California Girl you can snag some pieces at Revolve's pop-up shop in The Grove beginning Saturday, December 13th. For those of us who live in places with actual seasons, Neely told Racked she's "excited to branch out into creating chunky knits and the perfect biker jacket" sometime in the near future. For now, I'm lusting after that silky camisole with all the itty bitty buttons trailing down the front.