A "Blank Space" Parody For Starbucks Lovers

by Eliza Castile

When you heard Taylor Swift's mega-hit "Blank Space" for the first time, did you mishear the line "long list of ex-lovers" as "Starbucks lovers" like everyone else? For the women behind YouTube channel What's Up Moms, this confusion was the inspiration behind a "Blank Space" parody video about sleep-deprived moms' Starbucks addictions, although anyone else who drinks an unhealthy amount of espresso will identify with the video all too well.Forget husbands and partners; according to the parody, baristas are the people a mom truly looks forward to seeing in the afternoon. Probably because she'd "love to play with Barbie and Ken / but you kept [her] up till 4 a.m." The video follows three mothers from What's Up Moms as they try to entertain their children all day without going insane — a feat that can only be achieved with the help of many, many shots of espresso. (By the way, as a barista, I can confirm that we can easily identify new moms even without their kids nearby, just by the perpetual looks of exhaustion. Also, they buy a lot of cake pops.)It's a relatable video even if you don't have kids; I know I wouldn't be able to get through my afternoon slump without caffeine every day. Watch it below:

Image: YouTube