Chris & Matt Are the New Hollywood Bromance

Step aside Ben Affleck, because it looks your best friend Matt Damon has found a new bromance in Chris Hemsworth. In GQ's January issue, not only does Hemsworth grace the cover, but he also opens up about his bromance with Damon. Who knew?! This news excites me to the core. There's nothing better than a Hollywood bromance. During the interview, Hemsworth reveals lovely details about their unbeknownst (at least to me) friendship:

We became friends around the time I started to work, and I've really benefited from watching how he handles himself. Matt's just a normal guy who has the movie-star thing figured out.

So true, Thor. So true.

You might be all about Damon being besties with Affleck because they're from Boston and won an Oscar for Good Will Hunting together, but Damon is allowed to have other friends, believe it or not. Despite the 13-year age difference (who says you have to be near or the same age as your BFF?), these two have quite a bit in common and have always been destined as each other's friend. (Damon is even there for Hemworth's GQ interview and they go mountain biking as part of it proving their bromance status!) Don't believe me? Here are six reasons why they're meant to be.

They'd Stand Up for One Another No Matter What

Damon and Hemsworth both seem like all-around good guys, and I wholeheartedly believe they'd protect one another and stand up for their bestie no matter what.

They Know How Important It is to Give Back

Giving back does the world good and don't they know it! Not only does Damon have his own water charity in Water.org, but Hemsworth speaks out on behalf of the Australian Childhood Foundation raising child abuse awareness. Just imagine if they combined their charitable powers... they could deliver help to those all over the globe.

They're Both Sexy

While Hemsworth is currently People 's Sexiest Man Alive , Damon was given the title in 2008. They're sexy and they know it.

They Can Have Playdates

Hemsworth is a dad of three, and Damon is a dad of four. Can you imagine those playdates? Do you think one would pretend to be Thor, while the other would take on the role of Jason Bourne? We already know their make believe skills are off the charts.

They Know What It's Like to Have Secret Identities

As mentioned above, it's no easy feat being superhero Thor and CIA assassin Jason Bourne. They could totally give one another advice on how to maintain those identities, all while learning how to live those challenging lifestyles.

They Don't Take Themselves Too Seriously

You can't have a bromance without fun, and these two know how to do just that.

OK. Who else is ready for a movie with Hemsworth and Damon as the leads?

Images: Giphy (7); huffingtonpost/Tumblr