Are Brazilian Waxes Going Out of Style?

Lots of reports have been springing up about our culture's constantly evolving viewpoints on pubic hair and the changing trends when it comes to waxing the bikini area. Is the Brazilian bikini wax going out of style? Well, according to a Racked report, the answer isn't a simple yes or no, but the interest in being completely bare is certainly waning.

But that doesn't mean that the emotionally draining Brazilian bikini wax or that a cleanly manicured bush are on their way to total extinction. Instead, it seems that well-ladyscaped private parts with landing strips or little decorative patches of hair remain very much in and are the current preference.

According to the Racked report, there is some proof of a decreasing desire to go totally bald down there. Case in point: Completely Bare, a hair removal company in its second decade, is changing its name to the much less specific Spruce & Bond. The company will continue to be a hair-removal brand, but its name is broader, less obvious, and more equal opportunity. Indeed, the name "Completely Bare" suggests a total removal of hair, and that's not solely what the company does. The name change falls in line with customers' preferences and better reflects the company offerings.

Sarah Bennett, a marketing staffer for the brand, explained, "Different people want very different styles. We've seen a slight uptick in people wanting to keep a little more hair in front, but most are still those wanting to be smooth underneath. Again, it's all very personal preference. We get asked for all variations."

Also, Strip: Ministry of Wax, which is an international hair removal salon with various locations, confirmed a decline in Brazilian waxes in the U.S. However, the decline was related to total removal in favor of a landing strip or triangle. According to Strip, a few years ago, 75 percent of customers wanted a full removal, while 25 percent left some hair. That split is now half.

To the contrary, Uni K Wax Centers claimed they've experienced an uptick in Brazilian bikini waxes.

Keeping in mind that Brazilian bikini waxes come in different varieties with strips or patches, and after absorbing all this information that supports both sides, here's what I think: It seems like total baldness is not the norm and that being mostly hair-free down there, save for a decorative strip or patch, which is what this writer does (sorry if that's TMI), is pretty much the trend. But hey, do whatever you want. Chances are anyone you want seeing your ladyparts won't really give a damn anyways.

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