Lisa Vanderpump Gets Her Star on 'RHOBH'

by Laura Rosenfeld

You guys. How much fun was that episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills ? At least half of the Dec. 16 episode of RHOBH had to be devoted to Lisa Vanderpump and the dedication of her star on the Palm Springs Walk of Stars, as it should be. That's probably why the hour flew by.

You might have heard about the news of Lisa receiving a star on the Palm Springs Walk of Star this past summer. You also probably thought to yourself, "Huh. That's odd." At first, it may seem like you're correct in feeling those feelings, but if you examine the situation more deeply, you'll soon realize that there's probably no one, scratch that, no Housewife better suited for the honor than Lisa. Plus, it's not like this is the much more prestigious Hollywood Walk of Fame. This is Palm Springs we're talking about here.

All kidding aside, I really do believe Lisa deserves the honor. She's a hard-working, successful entrepreneur who has brought a lot of entertainment into our lives, which I for one am very grateful for. Lance Bass, who introduced Lisa at the ceremony, specifically applauded Lisa for her support of the LGBT community in his speech. He also told the audience to watch out for his nipples because they might be popping out due to his sweaty shirt, but let's focus on the task at hand here.

Apparently, this was a Lisa-only event, because the only other Housewife to join Lisa on this momentous occasion was her good friend Lisa Rinna. Lisa V. said she didn't want to invite anyone else because she didn't want to ruin the occasion. Ouch.

What that means is the Housewives never really got together other than in pairs this episode, so it was extremely low on the drama, unfortunately. However, we thankfully had the dynamic duo that is Lisa and Lisa to keep us entertained. What we learned from these two spending quality time with each other this episode is Lisa R. doesn't get the point of Brazilian waxes, Lisa V. wears a whole lot of nightgown to bed so Ken gets tired on his way, ahem, down there, and Lisa R. feels particularly in her element celebrating other celebrities. Awwww. I feel the tears coming on.

But surely this episode was just a little break from the drama before it all really goes down. Now that Lisa has a star on the Palm Springs Walk of Stars, she has a major accomplishment over the other ladies. Sure, Eileen Davidson may have a Daytime Emmy, but does she have a star? I don't think so. Prepare to see some major jealousy in the coming weeks.

Image: bravotv, sonastyandsorude/Tumblr