"Dr. Dre-del" is the Greatest of All Dreidels

Dreidel, dreidel, dreidel, I made you out of PUNS. Oh, you haven’t heard that new reinterpretation of the lyrics by rapper Dr. Dre? Neither have we, because it doesn’t exist. But was does exist, thanks to Bay Area artist Hannah Rothstein, is a “Dr. Dre-del,” a dreidel which features four different faces of Dr. Dre and is arguably the only dreidel you need for Hanukkah 2014. In fact, you need this whether you actually celebrate the holiday or not. However, this isn’t just about puns (as vital to society as they are), because Rothstein actually crafted each face to reflect a reaction to the results of getting any of the four sides of the “Dr. Dre-del,” and explains below:

ג Gimmel, ‘take all,’ is a dreidel player’s dream. It gets a thumbs up from a happy Dr. Dre.ה Hay, ‘take half,’ is no reason to party, but isn’t too shabby, hence the mildly smug portrait or Dr. Dre.נ Nun, ‘nothing happens,’ is a boring outcome. A dead-pan Dr. Dre affirms this.ש Shin, ‘put one in,’ is pretty depressing; the dreidel player loses an M & M or other such playing piece. But shins are seldom a chronic problem in dreidel. Dr. Dre’s definitely overreacting.

This comes right on the heels of the men who recreated “Shake It Off” for Hanukkah with a choreographed dance that would have done Taylor Swift proud, so we already know that this is going to be a banner holiday season of pop culture parodies. Now we just someone to create Disney princess-shaped latkes to round everything out, and we'll be set.

Before you scramble to buy the “Dr. Dre-del” for your Hanukkah shindigs, I must bear the sad news that Rothstein has not put them on the market yet, although she hopes to be able to soon. Hopefully by then Dr. Dre will endorse them and we can have some super meta video watching him spin himself. It would, however, be pretty awkward if someone beat him at his own game, which might inspire him to make a face like this:

Image: melanyb12/Twitter