Taylor Swift's Belly Button in 2014, Or All The Times We Didn't Get A Glimpse Of Her Navel

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2014 was a huge year for Taylor Swift. The pop star experienced a feminist evolution (thanks, Lena Dunham!), moved to NYC, released her fifth studio album 1989 , and came into her own style-wise with a signature look that included a heavy dose of crop tops paired with coordinated high waisted pants or skirts. Despite her penchant for torso-bearing ensembles, Swift has vowed never give us a glimpse of her navel and so, if there was one thing we didn't get enough of in 2014, it was Taylor Swift's belly button. In fact, we hardly saw it at all.

Bustle's Olivia Muenter recently went on a mission to prove the "Blank Space" singer's belly button actually exists and now it's my turn to take on a much simpler task — rounding up all the moments in which its existence totally eluded us. Without further ado, here are all the times we almost but not quite saw Taylor Swift's belly button this year.

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