Congratulations, Eva Chen!

by Erin Mayer

Move over, North West — the most fashionable baby ever was just born. Eva Chen gave birth to a baby girl on December 18th and, naturally, she announced it to her fans via several pitch perfect social media posts. What did we expect from the woman who revealed her pregnancy with a snap of mother-daughter shoes?

The Lucky EIC initially hinted that she'd be going into the delivery room on December 17th when she posted an Instagram of her hospital beauty essentials because of course she has hospital beauty essentials. Then, she used Snapchat to send out the first photo of her cute-as-hell newborn, captioned "Oh, hi" and posted a tweet with a baby emoji letting followers know that "It's a girl." Eva Chen isn't a regular mom, she's a cool mom! No, but actually. Can she retroactively adopt me, or at least be my older sister? I'm already SO jealous of her daughter, who is bound to have the most badass wardrobe before she can even pronounce "Balenciaga."

Here's hoping Chen also Instagrams all the super sweet baby clothes her daughter is about to be gifted by, oh, every designer ever. Not. Even. Fair.

Congratulations, Eva and family! We can't wait for the mother-daughter editions of the #EvaChenPose!