5SOS' Michael Clifford Wants to Win the NME Award for Worst Band, So Vote Accordingly

Boy band One Direction and band-band 5 Seconds of Summer are gunning for the same award, and no, I am not referring to the Cutest Cutie Patooties Who Have Secured a Spot in Kristie’s Heart Award. (OK, OK, that is not an actual award. BUT IT SHOULD BE. Actually, no. It shouldn't be. Because I would go crazy trying to pick a winner.) NME nominated One Direction and 5SOS for the Worst Band of 2014 Award. (You are right to assume that I, a fan of both 1D and 5SOS, disagree with these nominations.) The Where We Are tour mates share the category with bands Bastille, Blink-182, The 1975, and U2.

Wednesday, Michael Clifford, 5SOS's passport-losing guitarist, tweeted about the nomination. His response was about as drab as the hue of his hair (read: not drab at all). Not only is he stoked that the band received the nom, but he wants people to vote for 5SOS:

You heard the young man, NME voters. Do right by Michael Clifford. He shouted it from the tweetops, dangit: He wants that Worst Band of 2014 crown.

Get him that Worst Band of 2014 crown.

Image: cvlum-hood/tumblr