These Cats Just Got The Most Epic 'Lord of the Rings'-Themed Litter Box and Scratching Post — VIDEO

I have been jealous of cats more times than I am proud to admit in 2014. This is the year that we watched Grumpy Cat earn over a hundred million dollars; the year that Taylor Swift's cat Meredith debuted in her very first music video; the year that the first cat café opened in New York. My 2014 looks so unimpressive compared to that that I'm about ready to strip myself of humanhood and get me some Ariana Grande cat ears to join the pack. But none of the festering jealousy for those cats compares to the kind I harbor for the cats who got their own Lord of the Rings -themed litter box and scratching post, made by a team of actual Hollywood prop makers.

The cats in question are named Frodo and Sam (nerdgasm), so I doubt any cats are more deserving than they are. Their owner, aggressive LOTR enthusiast Misha, was nominated by his girlfriend to be the "Super-Fan Builds Pick of the Week." When chosen, the Ted Baker Team of Hollywood prop makers creates a hyper-realistic prop for the fan, and posts a detailed video showing all the stops of the incredibly elaborate process. In this case, they made a litter box replica of Bag End, and a scratching post of the Tower of Sauron.

From the looks of things, Frodo and Sam are big fans of the new digs:

The coolest part of the video by far, though, is watching the building process, and how the prop masters explain design choices while still making sure they're appropriate for the functionality of what they're making. I can't believe they manage to churn out projects this detailed every week, especially with all of the specific materials that go into it, but this week they certainly did make one LOTR addict's dream come true: "I have to be the happiest and one of the luckiest Tolkien fans there can be," says Misha. We can't help but agree:

Images: YouTube