This Year in Fleek, The Good, The Bad and The Down-Right Scariest Eyebrows

No matter how much we try to make "vape" the word of 2014, it's not going to happen (cue Regina George). No, this year, the agreed upon, undefinable, but most-used term among teenagers and wannabe-cool adults, alike, was "on fleek," a term that means "on point," but doesn't sound quite as good as fleek. Complex historicized the word, which stretches as far back as 18th Century British poetry. But, here in 2014, the word had its claim to fame during a Vine clip released in June, in which unabashed Peaches Monroee made the infamous declaration that her eyebrows were on fleek. And, the crowd went wild.

As with any phenomenon that begins with uncharted territory waiting to get discovered, it wasn't long before Ms. Monroee's video skyrocketed to more than 500,000 likes. Ariana Grande got in on the action, singing Peaches' words acapella. And, as Complex reports in its history lesson, major brands such as the International House of Pancakes has geared its advertisements toward millennials, tweeting, "Pancakes on fleek," which is pretty much the equivalent of your mom asking you if her outfit is on fleek before she heads out for girl's night. Nevertheless, the ubiquitous phrase remains within the brow hairs of some of this year's top celebrities, whose eyebrows were undeniably on fleek. While some were most-aspired after, others were down-right scary, and others made us furrow our brow, wondering what exactly they were thinking. With the end of 2014 nigh, it's only common sense to know that the phrase will be replaced with something younger, hipper and nonsensical. So, to pay homage, let us travel through this year of fleek.

Cara Delevingne

The Queen of Fleek herself, Cara Delevingne can do absolutely no harm when it comes to eyebrows.

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian went eyebrow-less for a night and made people very uncomfortable. Even Cara Delevingne seemed a tad bit confused in the picture she snapped with Kim that night.

Lea Michele

Not usually known for her eyebrows, Lea Michele tried something different this week. The jury is still out on whether or not her brows are on fleek.

Lily Collins

Lily Collins and her eyebrows will always reign Supreme in the House of Fleek.

Yvette Monreal

There are questions that need answers here. Who is the mastermind behind drawing a muscled arm as an eyebrow? He or she definitely gets kudos for his or her artistry. Monreal, however, makes us gravely confused.


The au naturale bombshell Solange Knowles keeps her eyebrows thick and teased, which equates to on fleek in its essence.


Does Drake even understand and appreciate the value of how on fleek is eyebrows actually are?

Jordan James

He paid a lot of money to look like Kim Kardashian. Maybe he should have gone the sans-eyebrow route mentioned above.

Sarah Hyland

Her eyebrows can see no evil and do no evil. On fleek times 100.

Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner's barely-arched brows are all the envy these days.

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