A Couple Thought They Adopted a Mini-Pig, But She Grew To Over 600 Pounds — PHOTOS

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It is no secret that mini-pigs are so adorable that if we could find a way harness the cute we could probably cure all the sadness that exists in the world. If you didn't see the teacup pig episode of How I Met Your Mother, then you probably saw Miley's pet mini-pig or Priscilla, the fashionista mini-pig who rules Instagram (and does not seem the least bit affected by the Great Instagram Rapture of 2014). But the most unlikely champion of mini-pigs turned out not to be a mini-pig at all: In 2012, a Canadian couple adopted Esther, a pygmy piglet who grew up to be a full-size, 667 pound pig.

And while Esther came as a big surprise to everyone, the biggest surprise was the effect that she had on her owners and everyone who has come to love her (which you can see documented on her Twitter and Facebook pages). Esther is a big pig with an even bigger heart, whose story is changing the lives of others who weren't as lucky as she is. Her owners, Steve Jenkins and Derek Walter, are currently fundraising to create an animal sanctuary for other less fortunate animals in need of a home. You can click through and read Esther's full story here.

Image: Esther the Wonder Pig/Facebook

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