"Basic B*tch Gift Guide" Has Subliminal Messages

Recently Bustle mourned—nay, celebrated—the life of the term "Basic Bitch," ushering it six feet down into the cliché dirt where it belongs. The eulogy was stirring and, many will agree, long overdue. At some point ,the word "basic" came to encompass so many things we know and love that the only way to not be basic was to stop breathing (which would probably still be so basic of you). And nobody has poked fun at the phenomenon more effectively this holiday season than Kli Tit's "Basic Bitch Holiday Gift Guide," which is loaded with hilarious subliminal messages.

The audience for the video is clear: "Is your girlfriend, friend, sister or mother a basic 'B'? And Christmas is just around the corner?? Let us help you find her the perfect gift, you man, you!" It starts off innocently enough, brushing us up on the basics of being basic in a way I can only describe as womansplaining (but of course, this is all in good fun). They then go on to suggest gifts for all the types of basic bitches that you can find out in the wild (I'm not ashamed to say that I want some of them), but the real gift isn't the advice—it's the bold and hilarious subliminal messages that flash along the screen after each suggestion.

I'm warning you right now that you won't be able to read it without pausing, but I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and let you try the first go round for yourself:

Yeah, you missed all of them, right? Don't worry. I spent many valuable minutes of my life yelling "AHHHH GOTCHA!" at the top of my lungs while pausing and screenshotting some of these shots that were fired:

Happy holidays, Basic Bitches.

Images: YouTube