Selena, Add These Resolutions to Your List

Selena Gomez is one of those people who I would trade bodies with in an instant. Her face is flawless, her hair is flawless, her wardrobe is flawless, basically everything about her is flawless. But would I want to trade lives with her? Absolutely not. Despite the fact that she seems to have everything she could ever want (plus she's best friends with Taylor Swift, something I will be jealous of her for eternally), she's also going through some tough stuff. She reportedly was diagnosed with Lupus which must be hard, and with all the back and forth that seems to go on in her traumatic relationship with Justin Bieber, I don't blame her for being so emotional at the AMAs.

But 2015 is on its way, and it's going to provide a fresh start for Gomez — and I can't think of anything she needs more than a fresh start. 2015 can be your year, girl. Don't worry about the haters. Don't worry about Justin Bieber. You just do you. Everything else will fall into place.

And to make that happen, Gomez is obviously in need of a few solid New Year's resolutions to get her life on the right track. This list is by no means all inclusive, but it's a pretty good place to start.

Make an Appointment With the Sassy Gay Friend

Every time I find out Gomez is back together with Bieber, six little words pop into my head: "What, what, what are you doing?" I can't get through to her, and obviously not even relationship guru Taylor Swift can help, so we need to bring in the big guns, and Sassy Gay Friend is it. Obviously, if he can help Ophelia see the light, Gomez ought to be a piece of cake.

Ditch Bieber for Good

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I realize that the heart wants what it wants, but the heart should try to listen to the brain when it's telling it to quit wanting someone who treats you like crap. I used to be a huge Bieber fan before he went off the deep end. I even stalked him outside a radio station, like, five years ago, and the fact that I'm even admitting this shows how much I care about Gomez's wellbeing. We were all under his spell, sweetheart. He tricked us all. Now, it's time for you to let go.

Make More Music Like Your Most Recent Single

Speaking of "The Heart Wants What it Wants," do that, but again. I haven't liked Gomez's music until now. In fact, I've kind of detested it. After this single arrived on radio airwaves? I was totally sold. I love this song, and if the rest of her career sounds like this, count me in.

Stay Single for an Entire Year

Listen to Ava, Gomez. She knows what's up. You should totally consider pulling a T. Swift and living life on your own terms in 2015. Do what you want. Get a haircut. Move to New York with Swift. Let her be your guide. She's never been happier, and there's a lot you could learn from your older, wiser BFF.

Make Amends With Demi Lovato

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I realize that friends grow apart, but there's something to be said about having someone in your life who's known you since you were a tiny child on Barney.

And Upload More Pics With Your Little Sis

Because seriously, how cute is Gracie? I need more of this, stat.

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