These Signs Prove You're Doing Single Right

There are people in the world who despise being single. They hate not being part of a team and dread being alone. But then there are others who relish the single life. They live for this independence and are taking full advantage of not having a partner. They truly, truly enjoy it. Sometimes, our society makes us feel that there is something wrong with being single. Being alone doesn’t necessarily translate to being lonely. It can be everything a person wants and needs. No “plus one” needed.

Here are some signs that you are taking full advantage of being a one-some, instead of a two-some.

You Are Using Full Control of The Remote

You don’t need to fight for that remote, you’ve got full control, baby. Sitting through hours of shows you’re uninterested in is a thing of the past. You are watching all the Bravo your heart desires.

You Are Taking Your Time

You have all the time in the world – that includes “getting ready” time. You are taking a long shower and using up all the hot water. You’re spending as much time as you want deciding what to wear. No one is complaining or rushing you. Isn’t that wonderful?

Every Side of The Bed is Your Side

A true single sister is taking up the whole bed, for sure. You are sprawled out on that bed, taking full advantage of your singular status. What is that you say? You’ve moved from the left side to the right, with no problem? You truly feel like a queen in that queen bed of yours.

Fridays are For Girls’ Nights

You are enjoying those Friday nights with the ladies. Each weekend you are calling the gals to see who’s free for some fun. You are soaking in your lady time and you ain’t mad about it.

You've Got a Hairy Situation

Not like you needed to get rid of that hair while you were dating, but now that you’re single, razors are a thing of the past. You love not having to shave, and your showers are 10 minutes shorter. A little hair never hurt anyone, anyways.

Parking Isn't a Problem For You

Who is parking their car in the middle of the garage? You! No need to park on one side, you’ve got the garage to yourself. Oh, the sweet smell of freedom.

You're Working On Yourself

You are spending your time working on YOU. Whether it’s living a healthier lifestyle, eating better and becoming active or spending time bettering yourself. Your current job is working on you and the paycheck is well worth it.

You're The Queen/King Of Dating

You are 100 percent in the dating field. Dating different kinds of people is the name of your game. You are broadening your horizons and figuring out what it is you want in a relationship. With every date, good or bad, you are enjoying yourself.

Every Day is a Day to Treat Yourself

You are treating yourself left and right. Being single allows you to spend your hard-working paycheck on you, yourself, and you. You are buying anything and everything you want, because you can. There is a time for buying things for your partner, but right now you love spending money on yourself. Go on with your bad self.

Images: Flickr, Giphy