6 Insanely Brilliant Works Of Holiday Lip Art

Nothing brightens up my morning quite like some slightly insane holiday lip art. As a lipstick hoarder, I appreciate the hesitance to leave the house with a naked pucker. Dark purple lippy is generally as extreme as my obsession goes, but I have serious respect for anyone who's willing to step it up even more. Take, for example, Grace Mahoney, makeup guru and owner of Blushing Brides, who was so kind as to create the sweet holiday lip art looks below exclusively for Bustle. Cheers, Grace!

This isn't Mahoney's first time at the lip art rodeo: For Halloween 2014, she came up with some ~seriously spooky~ lipstick paintings that put my lame attempt at zombie makeup to shame. For December, her creations are decidedly less creepy — think more jingle bells and sparkly things than the undead — but no less fantastic. Are they practical for wearing to a family party? No. Definitely not. But they're certainly fun to look at, and could at least give you the kick in the butt you needed to (finally) give ombre lips a try, at the very least. So pour yourself a glass of spiked eggnog, and scroll on through.

1. The Beautiful Bow

This classic design is just tasteful enough to maybe, kinda pull off on Christmas. Maybe.

2. The Blingy Baubles

I dunno about you guys, but I was pretty angry about my inability to grow very much facial hair when Beard Baubles came around. This lets you get in on that awesomely sparkly trend, sans scruff.

3. The Beginner Sparkle

OK, honestly? I would wear this to a New Year's Eve party without even a flicker of practicality-induced hesitation.

4. The Advanced Sparkle

The daring way to ring in 2015.

5. The New Year's Kiss

My resolution for 2015? More lip art.

6. The Winter Wonderland

This completely non-denominational lipstick job is great for Christmas, New Years, or any time the temperature drops below freezing.

Images: Courtesy Grace Mahoney