Man Rescues Pygmy Goat and Now They Are BFFs

So if you, like me, have had your newsfeed sieged with the "I Crave That Mineral" meme, chances are that you've had your fill of goats for the week. But trust me, I am about to introduce you to one goat who deserves your immediate attention no matter how fed up you are. He may not be climbing up 90 degree angle cliffs for minerals, but he is climbing 90 degrees up into your heart (help me), because I suspect even a super villain would melt at this story about a man who rescued a pygmy goat, aka, his new best friend for life.

Benjamin the pygmy goat (Benji for short, because while they were amping up the cute, might as well go all out) was a twin, and deemed the runt because his mother couldn't take care of him. That's when his new owner Tom stepped up to take him in, and the two have been inseparable ever since. And I mean inseparable: Benji follows Tom everywhere, even to work, and has to feed every four hours (side note: I have never seen a man look as sexy as this guy does walking with a goat baby bottle in his front pocket, and probably never will again).

Benji is only five months old, but has already inspired his own merchandise line and Facebook fan page, and makes tons of friends with local children in Yorkshire, England. It's no wonder why when you get a glimpse of this adorable little dude:

Benji is now following a long line of animals who were the runts of their litters who grew up to become internet inspirations, including Lil Bub the cat and Esther the not-so-pygmy pig. But unlike them, the internet's time with Benji will be short and sweet: As soon as he is old enough, he is going to head out to the neighboring meadows so he can run to his happy little goat self's content. In the meantime, get a dose full of the cutest friendship you'll ever see:

Images: YouTube; benjaminthepygmygoat/Facebook