Who could forget Rihanna's break up with Instagram earlier this year after she caught heat for sharing a photo from a magazine cover on which she bared her pierced nipples? She eventually returned to the service, sharing more fashion envy-inspiring snaps of her life. The singer might be tempting the powers-that-be at IG again, as Rihanna posted a photo of her bare butt in the midst of all her Christmas Instas. While the bum shot will generate most of the heat and chatter, the singer also showed off an accessories trend that might be making a huge comeback in 2015: '90s-style oversized hoop earrings.

OK, so the butt shot is pretty artful. That can't be denied. It's not capricious or vulgar. RiRi was simply celebrating Christmas in her native Barbados, bathing in the sunlight and enjoying the warm weather. Her butt is visible, yes, but it's somewhat obscured by the filter and the light reflection. That's Rihanna's rear end for you: It bends and shapes light.

If she is comfortable showing off her assets, then far be it for us or anyone else to complain. And she did let her beloved Navy see her shapely derriere in a see-through dress at the 2014 CFDAs when she picked up her Fashion Icon award.

But you also need to check her out here. The Santa graphic tee is holiday appropriate, yes, but her tire-sized gold hoops are what reeled me in. They look incredible on her and while they are the same size as the bottom half of her face, I'm predicting enormous gold hoops to make their way back into mainstream accessorizing come 2015.

Toss your hair into a loose and low pony, slick on some some matte red lipstick, and snap the monster gold hoops on your ears and you've got some instant glam. Wonderfully simple.

Images: Rihanna/Instagram (2)