Super Tall Adult Men Get Their First-Ever Piggyback Rides on an Even Taller Woman's Back — VIDEO

Not every grown guy gets to party like Michael Fassbender via the spectacular chariot of another person's back. And that just doesn't seem fair—piggyback rides should be for everyone! Clearly agreeing with me, BuzzFeed invited 6-foot-8 actress Lindsay Kay Hayward to give a handful of especially tall men the ride of their life: their first-ever adult piggyback ride. It's kind of incredibly adorable to watch these towering dudes crawl with glee up Hayward's back. Riding higher and mightier than ever before, the men's reactions varied. While lumbering around, one guy says, "This is terrifying. I feel like a rag doll!" Another got drunk with power, proclaiming he could crush literally anyone from his perch on Hayward's shoulders.

Hayward, who holds the Guinness World Record as the tallest actress in a leading role (man, getting pretty specific there, aren't we, Guinness?), patiently carried the men through a maze of rolling chairs and various office obstacles. Ranging from sheer joy to desperate anxiety, the looks on the near-airborne dudes' faces are priceless. The experiment offered insight into a topic the men previously considered themselves expert: altitude. "That was incredible," one guy says. "Like, I totally get why people are constantly trying to jump on my back."

See? Now they understand the appeal. One dude even discovered an attractive quality we never thought of. "That was oddly arousing," he says, devious grin curling upwards.

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Perhaps gripping to another person's shoulders and hanging like a koala won't turn every last one of us on, but a particular statement about piggyback rides held universally true: "I definitely felt taller." You've got a point there, bud. Now how about a little ride over to the couch where I left my phone?

Image: kel-c/Flickr