Proof Kendall Does Denim-on-Denim Best

by Erin Mayer

I never thought I'd say this, but denim on denim is looking fresh lately. The concept, previously been regarded as terrible on everyone (except for Clint Eastwood), is having a style renaissance. Alexa Chung has worn them. Beyonce has worn them. And now, model-of-the-moment Kendall Jenner wore double denim. Let me tell you, it definitely paid off.

The uncontested queen of LOVE magazine's 2014 advent calendar (seriously, she made three appearances!) was spotted in the edgiest Canadian tux I've ever seen as she entered the Beverly Hills location of Barneys for a little post-Christmas shopping. She wore a short sleeved cropped blue denim blouse with frayed edges, white skinny jeans, giant black sunglasses and a matching leather purse, and white sandals. Ugh California people with their open-toed shoes and short sleeves in winter.

Why does this outfit work so well? I think it has do with the major contrast in color and texture between the top and the pants. It almost doesn't even look like both pieces are made of denim. Jenner played with proportions as well with this ensemble, pairing a high-waisted jean with a slightly cropped shirt. She topped the whole thing off with a chic, glossy ponytail.

Killing it! What these pictures really say is that we need some warm weather on the East Coast, stat. That outfit wouldn't be nearly as chic buried under a million layers of winter coat.