12 New Year's Resolutions You Can Accomplish in a Single Day

The thing that truly sucks a bag of bananas about New Year's resolutions is that they require you to be patient. Patience is the worst. Who has time to be patient? There's so much to do. So many people to avoid seeing so you can stay home and Netflix-binge on Friends. You have a crap-ton of things you want to accomplish in 2015, so these goals need to be met in order for boxes to be checked in a timely fashion. Because the only way to have a happy 2015 is to accomplish said goals within 365 days while also maintaining this exact lifestyle for the rest of your life, right?

Wrong. If you're looking to complete all of these tasks, you need positive reinforcement along the way. You need to know that progress is being made in order to keep going. And there's a very easy way to make that happen. Start small, and tweak your resolutions so they provide immediate results. You can keep all the same resolutions you had before, but knock 'em down to novice level, and you can achieve them all by the end of the day on January 1. Here are all the resolutions that will give you instant gratification.

1. Eat healthier

Take your current eating habits and add snacks with raw vegetables. Done.

2. Cook a new dish

Even if it's just a new spin on a grilled cheese sandwich like including fresh basil or sun dried tomatoes. Done.

3. Try a new workout

Do you have 15 minutes? Of course you do! Rent a workout sesh on Amazon Instant or through a Gaiam streaming membership and give it a shot. Pick something you've never done before, and if you absolutely hate it, well, at least you tried. Done.

4. Read a book you wouldn't normally read

I know, I KNOW. All you want is to curl up with the YA series dubbed "The Next Hunger Games," a cup of tea, and a fleece blanket, but that's your go-to. Switch things up with a political thriller or a celebrity memoir. Or maybe one of those books from high school that you pretended to read but didn't really. Make your selection and read at least the first three chapters. Done.

5. Learn a new skill

It can be something really simple, like how to tie a military rope knot, or how to beat box. The key here is being OK with not mastering this skill. Get the basics on how to do it, attempt it, and evaluate where you went wrong. That's all it takes. Done.

6. Get a little craftier

As in, make a friendship bracelet for your bestie, or make a #WreathWitherspoon (because Reese deserves this type of love year round). It doesn't need to be perfect. Done.

7. Find a new signature drink

Find it on Pinterest, run to the store for necessary ingredients, mix it up, and throw it back. Done.

8. Treat Yo Self

You deserve something pretty on every holiday, so go out and get a shiny new toy. Done.

9. Breathe deeply

Deep breaths are good for your body, and good for your mind. They force you to stop and take a moment to calm yourself. So spend the next 120 seconds breathing in as deeply as you can, and then let it out slowly. Repeat. Done.

10. Learn a new language

Pick a language, identify your preferred curse words, and say them out loud a few times to nail the pronunciation. Done.

11. Face a fear

You don't need to conquer it, because that will take time, and again, patience blows. Just give this a shot on a small scale. Afraid of spiders? Google some terrifying images. Afraid of heights? Find a place to go up high, even if it's just a ladder, and open your eyes. You will feel like a warrior even after these steps. Done.

12. Give yourself 20 consecutive compliments while looking in the mirror

This is the most important and possibly the hardest one of all. You are your own worst critic, so finding that many nice things to say about yourself might be a chore. And if that's the case, then you've never needed to do this more than right now. Then for everyday hereafter, increase the number of compliments by one. Soon you will be showering yourself with love on the reg. DONE.

Image: Leslie/NBC; Giphy (12)