Saint Laurent's New Ads Are Stark And Striking

Stark and striking. That's pretty much the rub for Saint Laurent's Spring/Summer 2015 campaign for the Psych Rock collection. The images are minimal, with a pastoral vibe, as they are black and white and shot in natural settings. It's like punk on the prairie or rockers on a road trip, complete with some shirtlessness. The images sorta remind me of a modern and outdoorsy take on the Calvin Klein ads of the '90s, which were undies-driven and visually arresting without much extra in the way of bells and whistles. The waistband said it all.

While the comparison is certainly not overt and the Saint Laurent ads have a totally different aesthetic, the intention is what feels the same and equally as inspired. It's about the setting and the clothes, and not much else, which are used tell the story. That is, the imagery doesn't overdress the notion of dressing.

While Saint Laurent has re-established itself as a favorite luxe brand of celebs and those shoppers with deep pockets — those shoes, though! —under the direction of Hedi Slimane, I am thinking that Calvin Klein is going to be leading the "Remember the '90s" charge in 2015. Really.

Before I get into that, the Saint Laurent imagery, taken from the video slideshow, needs to be seen by your eyes.

It looks simple, no?

Classic, too.

Don't forget dramatic!

But let's get back to Calvin Klein. From Victoria Justice's unexpected and not-too-literal Seventeen homage to Marky Mark to Nick Jonas' ab-baring Flaunt spread to the endless parade of celebs posting IG photos in their Calvins this year, CK will be up there with YSL.

These are four reasons CK will be making the fashion rounds again in 2015 — so get ready to show some waistband.

1. What's Old Is Always New Again

The '90s owned 2014 and the decade is not going away simply because the calendar turns to 2015. CK was emblematic of the '90s, so its turn is up.

2. Celebs Are Loving Calvins Again, And What They Say Goes

Celeb style influences fashion for the masses, and celebs, from the aforementioned Justice and Jonas to beyond, have been readily endorsing Calvin Klein again.

3. Someone Needs to Reclaim the Undies Waistband From Ellen

The adorbs Ellen DeGeneres often gifts her guests with Ellen-branded underwear. It's cute and all, but someone needs to wrest control of the waistband of fashionable undies away from her, so start a movement.

4. Everyone Looks Good in Calvin Klein Undies

I mean...

Images: YSL (3); Giphy (4)