What Are 'Vogue' Editors' Fashion Resolutions?

Stuck in a wardrobe rut? Hoarding all of the clothes you never wear? Still trying to figure out how to make your fitness tracker look cute? You're not alone, fellow mortals — the fashion deities at Vogue are right there with you. The editors of the iconic magazine recently shared their [mostly] fashion-based resolutions on their website and they all sounded just a little bit too familiar. It turns out that working at what many would consider the Fashion Bible for one of the most influential editors in all of fashion's history doesn't automatically mean your style game is on lock at all times. I feel a kindred spirit in Senior Producer Christina Liao who says she's, "fallen into a slump of dark skinny jeans paired with a black American Apparel t-shirt." When you find your perfect effortless uniform, it's hard to want to wear anything else! I hear you, girl. I'm also with you on wanting to "kick my butt back into gear (in more ways than one) and don those A-line skirts once more.”

Fashion News Director Chioma Nnadi and Deputy Culture Editor Alex Frank are also both on my wavelength when it comes to trying to curb spending on cheap, trendy pieces that won't last more than a season. I'm still reserving my right to buy a few fast-fashion items that are sparkly, colorful, experimental and otherwise whimsical (because fashion should be fun). I think we would all do just fine living by Nnadi's rule, though, to "take at least 24 hours to sleep on my late-night eBay sprees (everything looks different in the morning)."

Some editors warmed my heart with their determination to dress in what they like, despite what society dictates is "appropriate" for their body — like the 5'10" Susan Gordon's resolution to "wear more heels". At the same, Denim editor Kelly Connor knows heels aren't her favorite and is going to get rid of hers and stick to what she likes. You do you, girl.

Unfortunately, Rickie De Sole's resolution to "stick to her shape" is a bit confusing and reads a little body-negative. Is she saying that A-line dresses are the only thing "flattering" on her shape or is that silhouette just her most-worn standby? I hope she feels gorgeous in whatever she wears this year!

So: None of the resolutions are really groundbreaking, but it's reassuring to know that you can have a closet of designer goods at your fingertips and still need to be intentional about improving your look. Images: Getty, Instagram